My musings are essentially a collection of projects, thoughts, and ongoing interests that don't fit anywhere else. Sometime a post will look like a blog, and other times an ongoing record. My dream is to sort these projects by tags and categories; alas the first priority is to simply list the content. Enjoy!

Customized Cooler

I've been making yogurt for a while and one step is the incubation period where the prepared milk must sit within a temperature range. An overnight waterbath does the trick but our softsided cooler is pretty poorly insulated and takes almost 6 gallons of water to cover the jars. Long story short, I've launched into the task of designing my own cooler. The project has expanded (or exploded!) far outside the original need.

Last updated: August 31st, 2015

Tags: ideas, digital fabrication, food

Homemade Yogurt

An ongoing log of my yogurt making. During my last chemotherapy regiment, an additional antibiotic would wipe out my gut. Probiotics were a huge help between each cycle. Somehow I discovered "The Art of Fermentation" and launched into yogurt making around March of 2015. Turns out making yogurt is super easy and saves a bunch of money. Several friends have gotten into the yogurt culture so here's my recipe.

Last updated: August 22nd, 2015

Tags: recipes, food

Commuter Bicycle Build

This is a super fun bicycle build from years of cobbled together parts. After selling my Public city bike, I was left with only my fancy road bike for bipedal locomotion. Clearly my life was lacking a smooth, simple city bike for commuting around Berkeley. The frame is an old steel road frame courtesy of my dad. The drivetrain is a Shimano internal 3-speed. It rides super smooth and upright. Here are some pictures and a play-by-play of the build.

Last updated: August 30nd, 2015

Tags: bicycles